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  • Warcraft Mobile Game in the Works at Blizzard
  • Looks like we know what the mobile project is that Blizzard's working on: a Warcraft mobile title.

    A new job posting for an FX Artist with a "Passion for creating imagery synonymous with the Warcraft IP" has been posted. We knew that Blizzard was working on a mobile project, but this is the first time that a specific IP has been associated with it.

    Blizzard's no strangers to the mobile genre, as Hearthstone's 70 million players are spread across both PC and mobile platforms, but that's just another client for a game that's also available on PC. This looks to be Blizzard's first foray into a mobile-first experience.

    It is probably not just convenient timing that Blizzard is also leading a lawsuit against Heroes Charge, another mobile title that uses characters clearly inspired by the Warcraft IP.

    Given the hiring of key team members, this would suggest that the project is not very far along. However, with Blizzcon 2017 creeping ever closer, perhaps we'll get our first look at an announcement trailer this year.

    Previous reports suggested that the new mobile project might be Starcraft or Overwatch related, but it seems Blizzard is keen to start using the Warcraft IP more actively once again.

    It's also possible that we could see some cross-promotions with (obviously) World of Warcraft, and the crossover MOBA Heroes of the Storm, since many of the game's characters come from the Warcraft universe.

    What sort of mobile title would you like to see Blizzard create with the Warcraft IP? Let us know in the comments.

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