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  • Monster Hunter World x Devil May Cry Crossover DLC Announced
  • Monster Hunter World has already gotten a fair amount of post-launch downloadable content. Recently, Capcom gave away plenty of free loot to players in order to celebrate the game’s impressive sales milestone and there have also been several new post-launch quests. But that’s not all that Capcom has been working on, however, as the company has just announced a major new Monster Hunter World crossover.

    Today, Capcom confirmed that it is working on several pieces of Devil May Cry themed downloadable content for Monster Hunter World. The announcement comes right as Capcom releases the Devil May Cry HD Collection on PC and consoles.

    One of the pieces of Devil May Cry themed DLC that Monster Hunter World fans can expect is a new weapon which is described as a “devious combination” of Force Edge and Alastor, two of the weapons wielded by Dante in the DMC games. In Monster Hunter World this weapon will be in the “Charge Blade” category, explains Capcom. Capcom notes that although weapons in the Charge Blade category are often accompanied by a “hefty shield,” this Force Edge/Alastor combo will leave out the shield, though players will still be able to guard. Capcom also reveals that instead of the sword turning into an ax, Force Edge will just turn into “a massive Alastor. ”

    Fans can see the new weapon in action as the Monster Hunter World version of Dante hacks and slashes at the game’s humungous beasts (Dante also uses a few great barrel bomb placements to help him). Unfortunately, Capcom has yet to provide a release date for the Devil May Cry DLC, instead telling fans to “stay tuned” for more information on when the crossover content will be available. The company also confirms that this DLC will be available to “all” Monster Hunter World players, so long as they complete the right Event Quest once it is added to the game.

    The Devil May Cry DLC is just the latest crossover content to be announced for the game. Monster Hunter World players on PS4 could also bag themselves some Horizon Zero Dawn loot, unlocking some armor and weapons inspired by (Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist) Aloy. Moreover, Capcom took inspiration from Mega Man, its own video game franchise, allowing Monster Hunter World players to turn their Palico companions into an 8-bit style Mega Man character. The company is clearly having a lot of fun with its post-launch content and it remains to be seen what other crossover content Capcom has up its sleeves.

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