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  • Monster Hunter World: Why You Should Do Limited Bounties Every Week
  • Every week, alongside the new event quests, Monster Hunter World releases a new set of limited bounties that have the player slaying (or capturing) various monsters within the game. Most are a bit involved in that they require hunting a handful of the same monster, but there’s a good reason for that. Limited bounties should be a part of every player’s weekly routine because they offer Gold Wyverian Prints.

    In Monster Hunter World there are so many different items, stats, skills, and features to keep track of that it can be overwhelming to new players. But we want to highlight the Gold Wyverian Print because it is both easy to earn and it has a very important purpose. With a Gold Wyverian Print, players can create a rare item from almost any of the monsters in the game.

    In order to get a Gold Wyverian Print, players will need to complete all of the limited bounties for that week. Once done, the final limited bounty will complete and they will earn some research points as well as the print.

    With the Gold Wyverian Print in hand, head to The Melder (the guy stirring the giant pot) and select the monster parts section. Players can also use The Melder to create decorations for skills, but the focus is on monster parts. Now you are free to choose from any of the very rare monster parts in exchange for the Gold Wyverian Print. Note: some of the less rare monster parts can be created using Silver Wyverian Prints, which are a little easier to acquire.

    It is completely possible to earn these rare monster parts just by playing the game, but many of them have a very low drop rate. Gems, for example, usually only drop from a tail carve and have a 1-star chance of doing so. But with a Gold Wyverian Print, players can bypass the battle with RNG and get a gem right then and there. Then they can craft a piece of armor, weapon, or charm to further flesh out their build.

    As the name implies, these limited bounties have a timer attached, so players must complete all of them within the week in order to earn the Gold Wyverian Print. If they don’t complete them all, the bounties reset and all of that progress is that. On the flip side, the bounty reset allows players to earn one Gold Wyverian Print per week.


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