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  • Monster Hunter World Update 3.0 Details and Patch Notes
  • It has been an exciting few months for Capcom’s immensely popular game, Monster Hunter World. Players first got to experience fighting the tough monster known as Deviljho in March, and then take part in the Spring Festival over the past few weeks. Not only did it give Astera a little makeover as well as provide discounts on merchant items, but the event also introduced the Mega Man crossover in addition to giving all players an opportunity to take part in previously released events. With Update 3.0 right around the corner, Capcom has provided details on what all players can look forward to once it arrives this week.

    With Update 3.0, Monster Hunter World players can head off to a new location called The Caverns of El Dorado. As the name implies, this region is a network of caverns that were shaped by the Everstream. Featuring a high level of geothermal activity, this region also houses a brand new monster located in the deepest region of the caverns. At this time, it’s not clear if the Caverns of El Dorado will be added to the game like a normal area from the map, or if players can only access it under certain conditions.

    For many, however, the biggest news with update 3.0 is the inclusion of the newest monster, Kulve Taroth. This elder dragon protects itself with shining metal armor and players will quickly discover that its coat changes each time it is faced. This monster adds a challenge never seen before in the game and to accommodate it, Capcom has added a new mode called Siege. Up to 16 players (four groups of four) work together to finish the investigation by breaking off parts of the monster and finding tracks. Of course, new gear is available to craft but players will need to hurry as this special mode is a limited time event.

    In addition to the new content, the update also brings a number of bug fixes and quality of life enhancements as well, such as a new sorting option for Investigations and the ability to sell all Trade-in Items at once. The patch itself is set to arrive for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users on April 19 and comes in at a hefty 1.2GB.


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