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  • Monster Hunter World: New Event Quests Bring Back Money Farm
  • The Triple Threat Throwdown event has returned to Monster Hunter: World, and it is still a fantastic way to earn money quickly.

    Upgrading armor and weapons can get pricey in Monster Hunter: World, and hunters need to consider how they can earn a steady income to keep up with these expenses. So, if you’re short on dough, it’s time to throw — down, that is. Engaging in the Triple Threat Throwdown event continues to be a rewarding and lucrative strategy when building up a fortune. All it takes is a little preparation.

    Triple Threat Throwdown is a 6-star level quest that pits four hunters against a Great Jagras, a Great Girros, and a Dodogama. The key is to come equipped with fast weapons, like dual blades, and the Bandit Mantle. If done efficiently, players will be able to trade in all the monster parts they acquire from these lightweights for a lovely profit. What’s more, the event also has a high chance to drop decorations. The details of how this is accomplished are laid out in this handy dandy guide on farming the event for Zenny.

    As for what else is new in Monster Hunter: World, the game recently hit a huge milestone. It’s common knowledge by now that the game is extremely popular, but it was announced that it is also Capcom’s best-selling title ever. Monster Hunter: World has managed to ship 7.5 million copies, including digital copies, worldwide since its release. As a thank you, Capcom is giving out some free loot to players in the form of a special Commemorative Item Pack. The pack contains 50 Lifepowder, 3 Deluxe First Wyverian Prints, 10 Ancient Potions, 10 Armor Sphere+, and 3 Golden Eggs.

    Additionally, Capcom has announced a special live broadcast for Monster Hunter: World on March 14, which many speculate will be the opportune time to announce DLC plans for the game. The company will want to keep the momentum for the game going, and the best way to do that is with more content.

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