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  • Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Armor and Bow
  • With its smash hit Monster Hunter World, Capcom hasn’t been afraid to feature a little crossover flair. Street Fighter fans were given an opportunity to pick up a Ryu outfit, and sometime later this year, players can forge a special Mega Man palico suit as well as unlock a library of classic Mega Man boss robot themes.

    For Sony fans, however, the second exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn event has just kicked off, offering players the chance to unlock a special Aloy outfit for their hunter as well as her bow. This special event runs from February 28 to March 15, so players have a comfortable window in which to take part in the festivities. For players who don’t make it, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto confirmed that events are on a rotating schedule, so after a period of time they will show up again.

    While Monster Hunter World doesn’t give players a wealth of information on how to start and complete the quest, follow this guide to find out.


    Before hunters can get started on this free event quest, they’ll first need to be at least hunter rank 11. Early on, hunter ranks are not player controlled in that they’re earned by completing story missions. So for hunter rank 11, players will need to finish the quest line Invader in the Wastes, which is essentially the start of high rank.

    Once achieved players will see an invite to join an event quest called The Proving.

    The Proving

    Based on the quest alone, its clear that Capcom felt inspired by Guerrilla Games and its hit, Horizon: Zero Dawn. The quest opens with the hunter getting a letter from the Nora Tribe chief requesting that they hunt a giant Anjanath within the Ancient Forest. Capcom chose the Anjanath for this mission as a way to pay homage to the Thunderjaw enemy in Horizon.

    By this point, players should be well familiar with the beast as it likely presented the first major roadblock for many players in the story. However, this Anjanath has been scaled up and its new height may actually make some hunter attacks miss completely.

    After finishing off the oversized beast, players will earn the Nora Brave Trophy item, which gives access to the Aloy α armor set and Aloy’s Bow weapon. But players will need to complete The Proving a few times to amass enough Nora Brave Trophies to craft everything.

    One thing to note is that Aloy’s armor can be used by both male and female hunters but it can’t be mixed and matched with other pieces of armor. However, unlike the low rank Ryu outfit, this one can be upgraded for more defense and it comes with some useful skills.

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