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  • Monster Hunter World: How the Earplugs Skill Works on Each Monster
  • Monster Hunter World broke plenty of sales records for Capcom, with many gamers taking quite well to the challenge of hunting down increasingly difficult beasts. This is no easy task in Monster Hunter World, but there are also useful skills and abilities that can help negate some of the damage and effects the aforementioned monsters dish out. One such skill is called earplug, which can either reduce or completely nullify the impact of monster roars. Getting stunned at the wrong time can quickly turn a winning battle into a losing one, so earplug levels are something Monster Hunter World players should pay close attention to.

    To help the process along, one Redditor named SeraviEdalborez has created a visual earplug level chart so gamers can quickly see which level is required to stop the impact of roars from each monster. Seravi used the map icons for each creature (minus Deviljho, a recent addition who reportedly didn’t have a high quality icon rip yet). Should gamers be near a certain monster, they can easily see whether their current earplug level will suffice.

    Monsters in the first tier – earplugs zero – simply don’t require any earplugs as they don’t roar. However, low-grade earplugs (3 points) can completely nullify the roar impact of lesser monsters like Pukei-Pukei and Anjanath. For the rest of the monsters pictured above (and the placeholder text for Deviljho), high grade earplugs are required in order to remove the strong roars from the likes of Kushala Daora and Vaal Hazak. While many monster hunters have been using text-based lists of earplug requirements since the game launched in January, a visual aid can help identify the monsters in a much quick manner.

    Players can increase their earplug level by equipping certain items, like the obvious earplug charm or the less obvious bazel coil. It’s worth noting that there are more tiers of earplug level than the chart shows: earplugs at level 1 will slightly reduce the roar impact of weak monsters, while level 2 will significantly reduce it. Level 3, which is pictured above, completely removes the impact of weaker monster roars. Level 4 is a middle ground between the low and high tier monsters, slightly reducing the impact of strong monsters but still completely removing the impact from the weaker ones. Once players have a earplugs at level 5, they’re at the top level and will remain safe from the roars of any monster.


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