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  • Monster Hunter World Celebrates Spring Blossom Fest This April
  • With the recent influx of news on upcoming content, there is a lot to look forward to in Monster Hunter World. The game is getting its first major update on March 22, which comes with an assortment of gameplay changes and updates. Shortly after, Monster Hunter World will introduce a new event that celebrates the coming of Spring.

    The Spring Blossom Fest will run from April 6-20 and will give the Gathering Hall a colorful makeover with flowery accents. Additionally, there will be a giant lantern in the shape of every hunter’s favorite piggy pal, Poogie, and gorgeous fireworks at night. The NPCs will also get into the spirit of the season, donning festive Spring-themed attire, such as the Palicos, which will be dressed as adorable butterflies. Players will also see the return of certain discontinued event quests, as well as receive two Lucky Voucher items for every Daily Login.

    This special limited-time event will begin shortly after the game’s major March 22 update that will introduce a new monster, Deviljho, for players to hunt. Capcom has been strangely quiet on specific details, but it’s safe to assume a new set of armor and a new weapon tree will be added into the game, making use of parts obtained from Deviljho. In past games, this vicious beast was known to wander through many different areas, often interrupting hunters while they were busy with other quests, mimicking the behavior of troublesome monsters like Bazelgeuse. We’ll see if these traits carry over when the beast comes to Monster Hunter: World on March 22.

    The other major focus of the update is a series of weapon changes, all of which are meant to balance the game’s currently available armaments or fix longstanding bugs. Every weapon in the game is getting some kind of change — mostly in the form of buffs — with the exception of the Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun.


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