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  • Monster Hunter Quest Makes Farming Tempered Elder Dragon Investigations Easy
  • Much like the mushroom delivery quest from a few weeks back, Monster Hunter World has added a new event quest for the week that will help players with tempered investigation collection. But what makes this one so notable is that it is focused on helping players collected tempered elder dragon investigations.

    The Monster Hunter World event quest is called “Tracking the Delivery,” and it has players exploring the Elder’s Recess looking for Beryl Deposits. While in the open world area, players will notice that there are no monsters to be found, but there are tempered tracks for Kushala Daora, Nergigante, and Teostra – the three elder dragons that reside in the area.

    If players take the right path, they should be able to collect about a dozen or so tempered elder dragon tracks and at least one or two investigations should be added to their inventory. Once complete, either returned to Astera to check out the investigations, or reload the event quest and begin farming again.

    To help players find the most efficient tempered elder dragon investigation-farming route, one Monster Hunter World fan has created a rough map of where each track appears. It’s worth noting that these tracks will respawn after a time, but usually it’s best to quit out of the quest and reload it to start again.

    Previously, tempered elder dragon investigations were hard to come by in Monster Hunter World, due to how hit-or-miss the acquisition process is. It is possible to farm tempered elder dragon tracks via the HR 49 Tempered Kirin quest, but those that didn’t know ahead of time likely missed out. And finding SOS with tempered elder dragons can be a struggle because of how Capcom designed the matchmaking and quest-joining process.

    Now, players should be swimming in tempered elder dragon investigations, which will increase their chances of getting high rarity decorations and streamstones for weapon and armor augmentations. Keep in mind, though, that the tempered elder dragons are among the most difficult monsters in the game, so make sure to come prepared.

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