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  • Legion PVP Season 3 Ends June 13
  • In case you missed the news, Legion PVP Season 3 will come to an end Tuesday, June 13. That’s not just important to players currently engaged in the hunt for Gladiator and Cruel Gladiator titles, it has implications for other things. If Season 3 ends on the 13 and the usual two week wait for titles and rewards follows (as has been promised) then it implies that we might see Tomb of Sargeras drop on the 13th, or within two weeks of that day.

    This isn’t always the case — Nighthold opened on January 17, about a month after PVP Season 1 ended and Season 2 began — but considering we know that the campaign quests are just about over (there’s only two left) it wouldn’t be surprising to see Tomb open on the 13th or a week or so later.

    Either way, if you’re engaged in PVP right now, remember that you need 150 wins by the 13th to qualify. Also note that if you faction transfer your history is wiped, so don’t transfer before the season ends. If you already have, any wins you got before the transfer do not count for reaching Gladiator or Cruel Gladiator, and you will need 150 wins after you transferred to qualify.


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