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  • Is Destiny 2 About To Pull A Battlefront 2 With Eververse Microtransactions
  • Bungie is gearing up to share some pending updates coming to Destiny 2, with announcements as early as next week, as hinted at by community manager Deej and game director Chris Barrett. But what exactly is changing about the game? Fans first and foremost want to know about one thing: Eververse.

    Clearly something is going to change with Eververse, which is currently bogging down the game by holding an enormous amount of “cosmetic” items hostage with a loot pool as big or bigger than what’s arriving in new expansions like Curse of Osiris, but how far will Bungie go to try and fix this problem?

    The question is if Bungie will hit the big red button and nuke Eververse completely. It may sound crazy for a AAA game to kill its source of post-launch revenue in this day and age because of fan pushback, but that literally just happened with Battlefront 2. That game removed its microtransactions hours before launch because of the controversy they’ve generated, and that was without a back-up plan like paid DLC. Seven weeks later, and for-sale loot boxes still have not returned to Battlefront 2.

    The Destiny 2 situation is both similar and different. It’s similar because I would say Destiny fans are just as angry about Eververse’s influence in the game as Battlefront 2 players were about those game’s microtransactions to the point where it’s almost consuming every conversation about the game. But it’s different because technically, Battlefront 2’s “selling clear power advantages” loot boxes were a more black and white case of microtransactions gone wrong, while Destiny 2 still has the “just cosmetic” argument to fall back on. Also, it was Disney who pressured EA and DICE to strip away the microtransactions to protect a stain on their beloved Star Wars brand. Bungie, meanwhile, was the one who proposed Eververse to Activision in the first place, and I’m not sure a similar scenario would play itself out. It would only be fans pressuing them kill Eververse, if that did happen.

    Will they do it?

    Obviously it would be a huge boost to player morale. Shattering Eververse and distributing its items as regular loot in the game itself would solve many of Destiny 2’s current issues and be the ultimate example that Bungie’s “we hear you” phrase actually means something.

    With that said, I’m not sure Bungie is going to pull this trigger. My bet is that instead of killing Eververse outright, they’ll try to instead “fix” it in some way. Among the possible changes I can see them announcing:

    A smaller Eververse loot pool, Removal of junk items for better pulls (mods), Lowering of Bright Dust cost, Increase of Bright Dust on dismantle, Ability to earn Bright Dust somewhere in game, Inclusion of Ghosts, Sparrows, Ships, Ornaments in other activities, Removal of armor sets, Removal of the gambling engram system to sell everything for flat Silver.

    To be clear I don’t think that they’d do more than 1-3 of these at a time, and certainly not all of them at once, but these are the kinds of fixes I think Bungie would try to quell community anger before removing Eververse outright.

    The other issue is that Destiny 2 has a lot more problems than just Eververse, from loot to subclasses to enemy variety to storytelling. Unlike say, Diablo 3, where killing the auction house was essentially the magic fix that cured 90% of what ailed the game. I’m not sure Eververse would do the same, as much as I might want it gone.

    It would be a big, bold, symbolic move for Bungie to eliminate Eververse as a way to say “we get it” to fans. But given that they allegedly had to convince Activision this was the way forward instead of making paid DLC every few months, it’s tough to see them tearing it all down now. My prediction is that Eververse “fixes” are on the way, and if those still aren’t enough, well, I guess we’ll see where we are then.

    Should Eververse be erased completely from Destiny 2, or is there an acceptable middleground to keep it? Let me know what you think.

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