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  • How Many Classes Would be Too Many for WoW
  • World of Warcraft has a lot of classes right now. Twelve of them, to be exact. Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Druids, Hunters, Mages, Monks, Paladins, Priests, Rogues, Shaman, Warlocks and Warriors, all fairly distinct from each other. But sometimes that distinctiveness has come at a price. Warlocks had to give up Metamorphosis in the Legion redesign so that Demon Hunters could get it, for example. Arms Warrior dreams of tanking with a two-handed weapon were forever dashed when Death Knights got it.

    I think twelve is a decent amount of classes. Some games have more, and some significantly less. It’s also true that with each class having multiple specs, they can sometimes play almost as entirely different classes. It gets to the point where it almost seems like we have thirty six instead of twelve. But that doesn’t answer the question of whether or not we’re at or approaching the point of oversaturation.

    As it is, certain classes/specs are difficult to distinguish. Ret Paladins, Arms Warriors and Unholy Death Knights are distinct from one another. But what would another plate wearing, two-handed weapon using DPS class bring that that triad doesn’t already cover? Do we need another cloth wearing caster class, or do Mages, Priests and Warlocks cover all the basics? Would another mail-wearing DPS/Healing hybrid step too much on the Shaman’s role in a group?

    I don’t know off the top of my head what the answer is. We have Demon Hunters in Legion and I haven’t heard anything that indicates we’ll get any more classes any time soon. I’m just curious what y’all think. How much would be too much? Should World of Warcraft add more classes, or are we in a good place with twelve and don’t really need any more?


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