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  • Heroic Strike Modifiers Delayed in Destiny 2 Updated Roadmap
  • Over the past few months, Bungie has been releasing and updating a Destiny 2 roadmap to help bridge the communication gap between developers and players. The roadmap highlights key changes coming to the core Destiny 2 experience, and when these changes take place. Today, the roadmap was modified to reflect some changes coming in the next two Destiny 2 updates.

    The only major change is the delay of Heroic Strike Modifiers, which were slated to come with the March 27 update, but are now set to come with the other major changes in May. The big changes coming in March include a rework of many weapons in the game’s sandbox.

    The March update will also see the return of original Destiny Crucible mode, Rumble. Starting on March 27, the Crucible will feature a rotation of game modes, including the new 6v6 Iron Banner: Mar 27: Rumble, Apr 3: Mayhem, Apr 10: Iron Banner, Apr 17: Rumble, Apr 24: Mayhem, May 1: Iron Banner.

    Looking ahead to the May update, players can expect a slew of larger changes coming to Destiny 2. Along with the delayed Heroic Strike Modifiers, players can expect to see multi-emote support, vault space increases, private Crucible matches, and many more. Destiny 2’s second DLC, allegedly taking place on Mars, is also releasing in May, which aligns with Bungie’s development schedule for the updates.

    Alongside today’s announcement, Bungie Community Manager dmg04 took to Twitter to get feedback from fans regarding the upcoming Nightfall exclusive gear arriving with the March update. He polled fans to see if they would rather have the new rewards be a surprise, or for them to be featured in an overview so fans can see them before they go live. Fan responses were mixed, though sentiments favored keeping the new rewards a secret to add a surprise element to the game.

    The sandbox changes and new rewards coming this month are welcome, as it seems that Bungie is listening to the community regarding slow combat in the Crucible, and these changes will also bring faster play in PvE as well. The delay of Heroic Strike Modifiers will surely disappoint some, but it’s better to have them be fine-tuned than broken at this point.


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