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  • Gears of War Developer Wants Brumak in Monster Hunter World
  • As if needed to be said, Monster Hunter World has its fair share of beautiful beasts that also serve as some rather challenging and hard bosses to beat. While this is surely a position that many will support, including The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson, he recently stated that the game still stands to use some Gears of War flair when it comes to its creatures. To be specific, Fergusson recently declared that he wants to see GoW‘s Brumak make an appearance in the Capcom RPG.

    As found below, Fergusson tweeted directly at the official Monster Hunter Twitter account today to insinuate that he would be willing to hash out the details with Capcom developers in order to ensure that a Brumak from Gears of War is represented in the role-playing game. As a matter of fact, The Coalition studio head even mentioned that either version of the creature – be it “with or without guns” – would be something he wants to make happen.

    So who at @monsterhunter do we need to talk to about getting a Brumak in the game? 🙂 With or without guns – although an armed monster would be pretty cool!

    The inclusion of crossover monsters like a Brumak would certainly scratch an itch for both Gears of War and Monster Hunter World fans alike, but the chance of such an occurrence coming to pass seems quite low. During an interview held between IGN and MHW‘s Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda several months ago, the directors said they wouldn’t really consider adding monsters from other series, as it doesn’t really fit into the ethos of the Capcom RPG series due to the creatures created for the Monster Hunter franchise being the “unique” aspect of the games. Fujioka and Tokuda did say they would like to see World of Warcraft‘s Arsus and Arthas the Lich King as characters in the game, though.

    All things considered, while it seems doubtful there will be an addition of a Brumak to Monster Hunter World, Gears of War fans will hopefully be able to encounter the big baddie sometime again in the near future, as several job listings on Splash Damage’s website have suggested that production of the fifth numbered entry is already underway. Should news relating to another Gears game be coming down the pipeline, Microsoft will likely save the announcement for its E3 2018 press conference.

    Gears of War 4 is available now for PC and Xbox One, while Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming later this year.

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