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  • Destiny 2’s Inventory System is a Broken Mess
  • Destiny 2 made a great first impression. The new zones were gorgeous, the campaign was a significant improvement over the first game and the raid was excellent.

    The flaws appeared as players settled in. Destiny 2 is often played like an MMO, and irritations are starting to mount with the game’s progression systems, multiplayer and endgame content for players who wanted something meaningful to do every single day. So now the community is pretty frustrated with the game’s shortcomings.

    Destiny 2’s inventory system isn’t the game’s worst problem, but it’s a representative example of why players are beginning to lose interest in the entire experience.


    Destiny 2 allows players to carry up to nine of everything in their inventory, plus the one thing in each category they have equipped. That means nine of each of the three weapon types, nine helmets, nine gloves, nine ships, nine sparrows and nine ghost shells.

    You also have 50 slots to store mods, and your mod inventory is shared by all your characters. Mods of the same type and quality, like rare-quality arc paragon arm mods, will stack with other rare-quality arc paragon arm mods. But arc paragon arm mods will not stack with arc paragon chest mods, and legendary arc paragon arm mods won’t stack with arm arc paragon leg mods. There are 39 different kinds of armor mods, so you need 78 slots to hold onto rare and legendary versions of all of them.

    So, if you collect all the legendary armor sets for all three classes, you need 180 of your 200 vault spaces, just for those.

    There are also 15 exotic armor pieces for each class, though, for a total of 45 additional items. You can destroy an exotic armor piece once you’ve collected it, and buy it again with exotic shards. But the new one you get will have a low power level, and you’ll have to find a high-level piece of legendary or exotic armor to infuse into the exotic to make it useful again. Most people prefer to hang onto a set of exotics instead of deleting them when not in use. It’s much less of a hassle, but it creates an issue with storage space.

    There are 145 legendary weapons in base Destiny 2, not including new weapons added with Season 2 or Curse of Osiris, and 24 exotic guns, including those added in Curse of Osiris. You can store 90 total weapons in the inventories of your three characters, but that leaves 79 to put in your vault. The Dawning holiday event runs from Dec. 19, 2017 to Jan. 19, 2018 will also add new weapons and armor sets to the game.

    There are also 70 unique ships. Your characters can hold 30, but you need 40 vault spaces to collect the rest.

    You can hold all the cosmetically distinct sparrows and ghost shells on your characters, but these items roll with random useful perks. You may need to use vault space if you want to save a bunch of varying rolls.

    Most players won’t collect every single thing in Destiny 2, and many players don’t play all the classes. But there’s so much more stuff to collect than there is storage space that it is very easy to overflow the vault if you’re a middling to hardcore player.


    The original Destiny also offered players insufficient vault space to store all the trophies they collected in their journeys. Bungie ultimately added more vault space with patches and expansions, and it moved stuff like ships, sparrows and cosmetic items like the Halloween masks to kiosks where players could retrieve unlocked items for free.

    It took a bit of time, but Bungie ultimately solved the inventory complaints.
    Your vault is a storage locker that’s accessible from the game’s social spaces, and it’s where you put the stuff you can’t carry. You have 200 storage slots in your vault, and those have to accommodate all the weapons, armor, ships, vehicles, shells and mods that don’t fit in your inventory. To add insult to injury, this space is shared by your three characters.

    It’s not nearly enough.


    We’ve already mentioned that you can only carry 50 mods, and the overflow goes in your vault. Adding up all the rare, legendary and transmat mods, there are a total of 120 distinct armor and transmat mods, so you may need up to 70 of your 200 spots just for those.

    There are currently 22 sets of legendary armor for each class in Destiny 2. Technically, there are only three functionally distinct sets of armor: Survivalist, Mobility and Heavy. You will usually want to use Survivalist gear on every class, in almost every situation. But there are 22 cosmetically distinct armor sets in the game for each class, if you would like to collect all the looks, and Destiny 2 encourages you to customize your appearance.

    You can carry ten sets of armor in each character’s inventory — the one you’re wearing plus nine extras — so that leaves twelve sets you’ll need to store in your vault. Each set contains a helmet, gloves, chest, legs and a class item, so it occupies five spaces.

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