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  • Destiny 2 Video Shares How to Get Crimson Days Engrams Fast
  • The beginning of Crimson Days, Destiny 2‘s Valentine’s Day-themed live event is just hours away from starting and one Destiny YouTuber has some good tips on how to come out of the gate running when Crimson Days goes live at the weekly reset.

    There are a number of ways that Destiny 2 players can prepare in order to speed up the process of earning Crimson Engrams, which is an XP-based reward that contains the event-specific loot for Crimson Days.

    There’s an important change in Crimson Days versus the last live event, The Dawning: every time players fill the XP bar, they will receive both an Illuminated Engram (the standard Eververse engram) and a Crimson Engram. Here’s how to speed up the progress of earning these Crimson Engrams and Crimson Days loot.

    Edge XP bars

    The first tip is for those playing Destiny 2 before the start of Crimson Days is to edge each character’s XP bar. Play the game on each character until the XP bar is almost full and then stop. Then, once Crimson Days begins, finish leveling up and you will receive a Crimson Engram right off the bat.

    Equip XP-based Ghost shells

    There are a number of Ghost shells that give XP boosts for completing specific activities or playing on certain destinations. Check your inventory and equip one of those Ghost shells, then do the corresponding activity to farm XP and gain Crimson Engrams quicker.

    Use Fireteam Medallions

    Fireteam Medallions can be purchased from Tess Everis in exchange for Bright Dust. You might even already have some in your inventory because they can drop randomly from Illuminated Engrams, so check. They grant increased XP gains for players and their entire fireteam for four hours. If playing for an extended time with friends, only have one player activate a fireteam medallion at a time because the effect is shared across the fireteam.

    Follow these tips to maximize XP gains during Crimson Days. There is no limit to how many Crimson Engrams can be earned during the event, so players can grind to get as much loot as possible, which by the way, is only available through playing the game and earning Crimson Engrams.


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