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  • Destiny 2: How Renown Boosts Faction Rally Tokens
  • Destiny 2’s Faction Rally is live for Season 3 and with it comes a number of changes to the way the event works. Most notably, players will only be able to pledge to one faction per event, which should make the choice a little more difficult. It also means that each player will have a week to earn tokens for their respective Faction and try to unlock the new rewards each offer.

    To help with token drops, Destiny 2 has introduced a new feature called Renown. Renown is a modifier that stacks up to 5 times on the player and serves as a way to boost token drops from Lost Sectors. Essentially, a player builds up Renown by completing activities in a patrol area and then spends that Renown on a Lost Sector chest in exchange for tokens.

    How to Get Renown

    Building up Renown is fairly simple. Players can earn it by defeating high value targets, completing Public Events, or participating in the supply capture Faction Rally events that appear. Each activity rewards a different amount of Renown; here is the breakdown.

    Players can also boost their Renown drop by wearing the full armor set from their pledged faction. When wearing a full faction armor set the player gets +1 Renown on top of the above reward totals.

    Using Renown to Get Faction Rally Tokens

    At different Renown stacks, players will experience negative modifiers for as long as they have Renown. Should the player die they will lose 1 Renown, so the punishment is not too strict. For every stack of Renown players will see their outgoing damage decrease and their incoming damage decrease, up to the 5 Renown max. It’s not too noticeable, but at higher stacks it can become an issue because 3 Renown decreases Agility and a full Renown stack adds the Attrition modifier.

    Destiny 2 how to trigger Prestige Lost Sectors

    Taken from Nightfall Strikes, the Attrition modifier removes shield regeneration from the player and forces them to collect Restorative Light charges from defeated enemies. Players can use abilities that recharge health to circumvent this, though, like the Crimson exotic hand cannon or the Voidwalker’s Devour.

    Once players have Renown they can “cash it in” at a Lost Sector. Obviously, Lost Sectors are going to be a little harder with 5 Renown, but that’s the best way to gain faction tokens at present.

    The token rewards break down as such: 0 Renown = 1 Token, 1 Renown = 2 Tokens, 2 Renown = 4 Tokens, 3 Renown = 6 Tokens, 4 Renown = 8 Tokens, 5 Renown = 10 Tokens.

    Most other activities in Destiny 2 will reward tokens, including daily milestones for each character. It shouldn’t take too much effort to hit rank 50 and collect every new reward the Faction has on offer but that depends on how much time the player has to devote towards the event.

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