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  • Destiny 2 Getting Rumble Free-For-All PvP Mode in March
  • The free-for-all Rumble PvP mode is making a return in Destiny 2 next month, which has been purposefully absent from the game since its launch. As part of an updated development roadmap, Bungie announced that Rumble will be added to the game in the March 27 update to the game.

    Rumble has been sorely missed by veteran Destiny 2 fans, with the six-player free-for-all mode being a fairly popular playlist back in Destiny 1. Rumble did not make it into the launch version of Destiny 2 due to an intentional design decision by Bungie to keep every PvP mode of Destiny 2 to a 4v4 format.

    But, in light of the struggle Destiny 2 has had keeping players engaged, and among a mountain of negative feedback after launch, Bungie has charted a course to try to get the game back on track. The March 27 update is another step in that plan, with that patch having a strong focus on PvP. Rumble will be added to a rotating weekly Crucible playlist along with Mayhem, the popular gametype that appeared in Destiny 2 during The Dawning live event.

    In addition, the March update will also see the return of Destiny 1’s classic 6v6 PvP in Iron Banner, tuning to the ammo and gameplay in the Crucible, penalties for those who quit Crucible matches, and protection against getting the same map multiple times in a row. Last but certainly not least, the update is also scheduled to bring sandbox changes, with weapon and ability changes meant to speed up the game and make players feel more powerful.

    Many fans are hoping these changes will bring back the fun in the Crucible that they experienced in Destiny 1 after Destiny 2’s focus on a more deliberate, slower pace and team-shotting. Along with all the changes already announced, the addition of Rumble could go a long way in bringing back that Destiny 1 feel.

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