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  • Destiny 2 Director Promises to Add More Lore to Game Soon
  • Although Destiny 1 had plenty of lore packaged around its world and quests, most of the really interesting details were locked behind Grimoire cards, which had to be read outside of the game. For Destiny 2, Bungie tried to put more lore into the game, but live team director Christopher Barrett thinks that the studio needs to do even more.

    Speaking candidly on Twitter, Barrett acknowledged a question from Destiny 2 lore fans and promised the team is working to add more lore to the game and to deliver opportunities to consume lore outside of the online experience. Moreover, Barrett promised that these additions are in the immediate future, which is promising for those that love to digest every piece of the Destiny world.

    While it’s unclear what exactly Barrett means when he says more lore inside and outside of the game, it seems likely that we will see those changes with a forthcoming update. Bungie has already revealed a January update that is said to add Masterwork Armor and buff raid rewards, but it could also include some more ways to interact with Destiny 2 lore. Grimoire, despite its confusing implementation, was still better than Destiny 2’s option, which relegates lore to a tab on weapons and little else.

    That being said, the more likely scenario is that Bungie adds new lore as part of the upcoming Crimson Days event. Typically set around Valentine’s Day, Crimson Days is a duos-focused PvP mode that favors teamwork. Perhaps the new items added for Crimson Days, which will be far less focused on Eververse than The Dawning, will carry some unique lore. Maybe gamers may even learn more about the history of the Crimson Days event while collecting new ghost shells, sparrows, ships, and more.

    Obviously, lore is only a small part of the Destiny puzzle and most players would rather see Bungie focus on improving the rewards system and gameplay rather than find ways to introduce more lore into the experience. But even so, it’s nice to hear Barrett acknowledge the game has lost its focus on lore and vow to improve that for those fans who enjoy the stories of Destiny.

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