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  • Destiny 2 Content Creators Invited to Bungie for Playtesting
  • A large group of Destiny 2 content creators will soon be headed for Bungie in Seattle, Washington to playtest future updates of the game and to provide feedback to the developers about what they play. This coming amidst a period of time where Destiny 2 has struggled to capture and maintain the same audience as the original game.

    Confirmed among those to be going are MoreConsole, Unkown Player, Mesa Sean, Gothalion, Slayerage, Dr. Lupo, Gigz, True Vanguard, Holtzmann, Ms 5000 Watts, MTashed, and Mercules. Gathering info from numerous tweets from these content creators, apparently the goal of this “summit,” as it’s being called, is for Bungie to get feedback from these particular players, both positive and negative, so that the developers can work to make Destiny 2 a better game.

    In many ways, this is exactly what fans have been asking for of Bungie—to allow them to speak directly into the game at a level that is closer to development. While this is clearly a small segment of the entire Destiny playerbase, these content creators will act as representatives and many of their opinions are likely to resonate with a majority of people who have played the game.

    Bungie is continuing to improve Destiny 2 with monthly updates that add more features to the game; however, for longtime fans especially, many of these updates feel like Bungie is just getting the sequel back to the place where Destiny 1 was at the end of its three-year run.

    And with a second DLC coming up soon, possibly even in early May, Bungie will want to get as much right as possible considering that the second piece of DLC for Destiny 2‘s Year 1 will be a major opportunity to recapture the players who have disengaged from the game. In fact, many of these content creators who are attending this summit are currently streaming or making videos for other games due to the lack of interest in Destiny 2, so it will definitely be interesting to have their voices in the conversation for the game’s future.

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