Where is the Diablo 3 Auction House and How do I Use it?

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Sometimes, in my excitement to show you how to make Diablo 3 gold and money on the auction house, I forget about the little (but important) things that players want to know. Things like...Where is the Diablo 3 Auction House? …And how do I use it?

Once you select a character, on the left side of the screen you will see the four buttons from the above screenshot. Resume Game, Change Quest, Public Games, and Auction House. That last button, "Auction House," takes you right to the Gold Auction House.

From the gold auction house, you can then select the Real Money Auction House by clicking the "Currency" button at the top right of the screen. Ok, so you know how to find both auction houses, but what can you do with this information? First off, let's get you a shiny new weapon!

Using either the gold or real money auction house, click on the Equipment button under the Search tab. This tab should already be open. Select your character from the drop down, then choose the type of weapon you want. Put in the level and at least one preferred affix. Try something simple like one of these: +attack speed, +strength, +dexterity, or +intellect. You don't have to put any values in for the selected affix, but I want to use your selections thus far to narrow down your options.

Now, click on search. Then, click on the word "Buyout" until you can sort in ascending order (it is the third column's heading). You should see a bunch of auctions with "N/A" for the buyout. Click on the next page of auctions and keep clicking to move to the next page until you see auctions that have gold instead of "N/A". If you get all the way to page 46 and there are still only "N/A"s, then you need to narrow your search. Add another affix or quantify the affix you already specified.

EDIT: If you specify a really big buyout price (like 99999999), then you can avoid seeing the N/A's all together. Sorry, I totally forgot about this trick when I wrote this! Once you do see some auctions appearing, you can grab a very cheap item that will hopefully be a lot better than whatever you're currently equipping. Try this for other pieces of gear as well, remembering to add affixes and quantify those affixes to assure that you are looking at the narrowest and most beneficial list of items for your character.

Right now I'm playing through Hell difficulty on my Demon Hunter and I have probably purchased 20-30 items from the auction house so far while leveling. It's an invaluable skill to have and it proceeds being able to make Diablo 3 gold and real money on the auction house as well.

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