Strategy for Farming Inferno Skeleton King as Demon Hunter

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Many Diablo 3 players have got level 60, and they are trying the Inferno Boss now. Here I will share you some tips on how to beat the Inferno Skeleton King as a Demon Hunter.

You're going to run into lots and lots of enemies with the "Reflects Damage" ability. What you'll want to do is learn to time your Elemental Arrow and Smoke Screen so that you are invulnerable when the enemies are being struck. Otherwise you will literally one shot yourself. An alternative strategy is to use Hungering Arrow to whittle away at one monster, use Smoke Screen to avoid damage, potion for the first monster, grab his red orb when he dies, use backup plan, kill the second, half way through the third monster get the second red orb, then kill the third and get his orb as well.

If you run into "Immune Minions" most people would say log out and quit. I don't. What I do is put down caltrops and allow the minions to run at me. Depending on the danger I'm going to be in, I Vault and possible Smoke Screen while running through the minions. This puts me next to their leader and the minions on the other side. I then hungering arrow the main enemy while the minions catch up. Next, I use Elemental Arrow to shoot through the minions that create a barrier around their boss as they get closer. Repeat this 2-3 times with Preparation to reset cooldowns/Discipline and those "Immune Minions" become rather easy affixes to deal with. Just remember not to panic and use the terrain to separate the minions from their vulnerable leader.

Start your game at Royal Crypts, but instead of going straight to the Skeleton King, work your way backwards in order to get your Nephalem Valor Buff higher. After a few stacks, if you can manage it, then teleport to town and use the waypoint machine to get to the Royal Crypts. Proceed to the room with 4 pillars. Line up two of the pillars and shoot your Elemental Arrow so that by the time the King is done his "you dare bring the warm of life to my always 55 degree tomb" speach, you'll have both pillars lined up with 4-6 nether tentacles on top of them. Take a few seconds to kill the archers with 2 nether tentacles each and then launch another 4-6 at the second group of pillars. Back up and use hungering arrow to pick off random skeletons and refresh your Hatred for more nether tentacles (Elemental Arrow).

When you get to the "treasure room" just after the pillars, equip a bunch of magic find / gold find gear and loot all the jars. If you can beat the skeleton king in this set then do it.

The Skeleton King drops really great loot for beating Inferno Act I, and after enough runs you'll also have great weapons/armor for the auction house. Be on the look out for Tomes of Secrets and Flawless Square gems as well while using this strategy.

PROTIP: Get at least 7 bonus Discipline on your gear. It makes a world of difference!

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