Should I Vendor, Salvage, or Sell Items for Diablo 3 Gold

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How will you deal with the Diablo 3 items that you get from the looting? Basically, people wanted to know the formula for deciding if they should vendor an item, salvage it, or sell on the auction house. Today I'd like to go over the benefits of each option and suggest when you should try each one.

1. Vendor? From the onset of Diablo 3 I predicted that you should salvage every item you find. I even laughed publicly on this blog about Asian Diablo 3 streams where the players were selling all of their magic and rare gear to the vendors. After looking at the costs of Subtle Essences, Fallen Teeth, and the prices vendors are willing to put out for items, I really owe the people I made fun of an apology.

Although they may have been vendoring items simply because that's how things were done in Diablo 1 and 2, they are still correct to do so currently. If you look at the price of subtle essences, for instance, they are hovering around 20-40 gold minimum. Well, vendoring most gear on normal will get you a lot more than 20 gold. So it's wiser to sell the gear to the vendor and then buy cheaper subtle essences on the auction house. You basically quadruple the number of subtle essences you would have received otherwise.

2. Salvage? Salvaging still has its place, just not the way you think it should. See the guide/forum for details on what you should be salvaging right now. Certainly if an item is worth less than one subtle essence then you should be salvaging instead of vendoring, but that's only going to be the case early on in Normal. Luckily there's more than one way to skin a cat!

3. Sell? If you are considering selling an item on the auction house then I have a small check list for you: Is this item worth your slot? That's a 48 hour window if it doesn't sell. Does the item have synergy with a particular class or build of that class? Such as a thorns barbarian wanting thorns + strength affixes. Or is the item something like a strength bow that almost no one would ever want? Are there better items of a similar level already on the auction house and how many if so?

If you answer those questions and still want to sell, just keep in mind that right now players don't have too much Diablo 3 gold to burn and they have no way to buy more (RMAH offline until May 22nd). So don't be surprised if you’re super leet and powerful weapon doesn't sell for 300,000 gold right now. Speaking of leet weapons, if you find a legendary I would save it until you can sell it for money (or lots of Diablo 3 gold which someone can buy separately).

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