How to Make Guild Wars 2 Gold Easily

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One of the most frequently asked questions from new players of Guild Wars 2 is how they can make more gold in this game. It's a valid question definitely, as there aren't many ways you can go about and earn gold and gold, but instead you will have to find out these things on your own. At least that's how it used to be. Here I will share you some methods to make Guild Wars 2 Gold.

In order to understand why these gold making guides are so effective, first you have to realize that most players aren't focused on making gold and gold but rather on leveling and gathering equipment. The economy in Guild Wars 2 is still not fully developed being a new game, and those who are knowledgeable about it are making huge amounts of money at the moment. Most players still have no idea about the real values of certain items and that's where you can make literally thousands of gold just be reselling them on the auction house. There's plenty of demand and by knowing the right items to sell you can easily make nearly 100 gold every day.

One other great gold making opportunity is professions. Gathering professions are especially profitable since thousands of players are looking for raw materials to level up their crafting professions. On my server I can easily dominate the supply of materials on the auction house and set the prices as I like, and someone will always buy it. Selling materials at ridiculous prices is making me tons and tons of Guild Wars 2 gold every day.

Crafting professions are also extremely profitable now and if you make sure you can craft the right weapons and armor you can bank a few gold every single day for very little actual work. You won't even have to gather the materials required to craft it yourself if you know how to find great deals on the auction house. It's incredible how much players are willing to pay for a measly stat advantage on their newly crafted Guild Wars 2 Items, but I don't care because I'm the one making gold off of it.

Economy is different on every Guild Wars 2 server and what works on one might not work as well on some other shard. But having access to dozens, if not even hundreds of quality gold making tips, you will very soon find one that will make you a very rich player. Make sure to check out the sites below to see how I learned to consistently make over one hundred Guild Wars 2 Gold every single day.

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