How to Get Honor Points Fast for PVP WOW Gear

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Farming honor points for PvP WOW Gear is a long all day process, especially in the new patch 5.2. Here are several tips about how to farm honor in wow patch 5.2 from Itemrock. No matter what your class is, these tips can help.

Firstly, if your gaming time is limited, you can get HP out of battlegrounds and check out WoW Mimic Honor Boost. The latter one is free PVP and lets you PVP battlegrounds even when you’re not at the computer. Do WG Dailies, turn in stone keeper shards at WG for honor, and then just farm Battlegrounds, not sure which gives best Honor (depends alot on your faction/server), but I think AV would be best if your Battlegroup doesn't turtle defend a lot.

Second, Just keep farming battlegrounds when your level doesn’t let you join ''random battleground'', you'll unlock that at a later level, which will give you extra honor upon winning a BG.. But for now, you should just keep farming battlegrounds, because that’s all you can really do. Also, here's an order from which battlegrounds give the most amount of honor. You could also try split up the bg's more and exchange marks, or you can also farm heroics and deliver the Stone Keeper Shards for honor.

Battlegrounds can be a great way for players to get some good PVP gear and I have noticed that it really is a great way for casual players to get some epic items. Like you said it still can be sometimes a pain in the butt to grind out those honor points and legit wow gold.



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