Easy Ways to Make Lots of Diablo 3 Gold

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Every player need Diablo 3 gold in the game, and some players think it is a very easy to make Diablo 3 gold. In fact, Diablo 3 gold is easy to get. However, we need millions of gold when we reached level 60. All the items in the auction house are very expensive. Here I will share you some easy ways for you to make millions of Diablo 3 gold.

1. Crafting is Awesome: Crafting will be a huge part of Diablo 3. Problem is, most people who craft will only try to create whatever they need. If they end up with something they don’t want, then they will just salvage the item in order to take another shot at gambling for what they did want to craft. You, however, will analyze whether any of the 5 classes using any playstyle could use your crafted items. Some items will be garbage and not worth selling, but a good majority of what you can craft can be sold for big profits on the gold auction house. Best items should be reserved for the RMAH.

2. Sell Excess Diablo 3 Gold: Gold is going to be completely over-valued at the start of the game. We saw this in the Beta and we will continue to see this as the game progresses for real past release. I am predicting a 30-80% drop in gold value over the course of that first month. So when you get gold, put some aside to level artisans, but any surplus you have should be put on the real money auction house!

As players begin to level beyond the earlier areas they will find that they have more than enough gold to buy things on the auction house and still have some left over to sell on the RMAH. If you want to get into the Diablo 3 gold industry, about the only time to do it will be that first month. In the gold guide I will explain how cycles affect the Diablo 3 gold market, but we’ll save that for later! Do your best to avoid buying extra stash slots and leveling your artisans too quickly. Otherwise you’ll find yourself really low on gold. Once you have a few crafting strategies down, gold will no longer be an issue.

3. Hold On To Big Ticket Items: Your really valuable leveling items, legendaries for instance, will be best held onto. Why? These items will fetch far more gold and real money later on when there are less players leveling through the earlier zones. Most players will trade these so much that the prices will drop rapidly and become virtually worthless. Six months, maybe less after release, these items will see a spike in value, so definitely hold onto them for later instead of selling them early when everyone is trying to do the same thing.

4. Bid to Win Items on the RMAH: Bidding on the RMAH will be a huge Diablo 3 gold maker. Why? Because nobody else will want to! Think about it, players will want to buy an item out on the RMAH, not wait potentially 48 hours for it to appear in their shared stash. That’s the whole instant gratification thing that the RMAH was based on. So if you bid for an item and nobody buys it, odds are your bid will win.

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