Diablo 3: Do You Know the Diablo 3 Gold Exchange Rate

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It feels good to sell items on the RMAH. I hope you’ve all experienced it! That rush of endorphins you get when you realize you’ve converted a digital item to money for trinkets is powerful. You have to be careful that the rush doesn’t cloud your judgment though. You have to get the most value possible. One of the most important pieces of information you need to have when seeking the best value for an item is the Diablo 3 gold exchange rate.


Right now some of you are probably rushing to comment “Gold is only available from 3rd party sellers though Ray, the RMAH doesn’t have gold available yet”‘; and you’re correct! But this doesn’t mean there’s no exchange rate. The 3rd party sellers are a good representation of how much gold is floating around in game (even if it’s amplified by botting activity, “botted” gold will be sold in the RMAH too so prices are likely to follow the 3rd party gold price drop).


If you want to sell an item (especially a high ticket, top notch item) you need to check as many auction houses as possible. In the EU, it’s quite simply a case of checking the value in pounds, gold and Euros. Searching for the value of your item properly on 3 auction houses is time consuming but with a pricey item it’s worth it.


I found myself in a scenario that exemplifies this lesson when I returned from my holiday recently. I found a one handed mace that was worth approximately 30 million Diablo 3 gold on the gold auction house at the time. That amount of gold is enough to make most folks lose their cool and rush to list it but I knew I had to check the other auction houses first.


The best bet was selling in Euros. The competition on the euro auction house was valued in the 100 – 120 euro area (with a few outlying 250 dreamers) and sales looked to be moving at a reasonable pace. I listed the auction for 95 euro. It sold within a few hours.

This was much better, in terms of value, than 30 million gold (and still is). It’s paid for my copy of the game alone (not counting my hundreds of other auctions) – which is pretty awesome!


This kind of thinking works in reverse too. If you want to buy something to help you progress (or to resell) you should check comparable items on the other auction houses. You’d be surprised in the difference between the two!


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